Wheeler Avenue Baptist Church gives you the ability to make a secure online contribution to your organization via a direct debit from your bank account or via debit card. To make a contribution, simply click on the “Start” button below, then follow the easy step-by-step instructions. During each step of this process, you will be given the opportunity to cancel.

The convenience and simplicity of online giving will be helpful to some, but in order to practice good stewardship, we would ask:

That you only give online if you pay by automatic draft (ACH) or with a bank check card (debit card).


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It is our mission to be a worshiping, witnessing and welcoming congregation committed to a spirit of excellence in the praise of the Almighty God through Jesus Christ; the Christian Education of children, youth and adults for the maturation in the faith; and worldwide ministry for the promotion of peace and justice in every aspect of life. To this end, all people will be touched and transformed by the liberating power of God’s Holy Spirit.